Project: IPAYMO-GeoSecurity

IPAYMO-GeoSecurity is the next step in our young history and the GeoSecurity project has evolved from our mobile payments and e-commerce solutions. These were the subject of the activities conducted during the incubation period at the ESA-BIC in Darmstadt.

Security solutions that use location awareness as an important component to analyse and monitor risks and weak spots in corporate networks, critical infrastructures and credit card and mobile pay-ment systems are gaining more and more traction.

IPAYMO is capitalising on its know-how and expertise in geo-localisation services by offering our game changing GeoSecurity solutions as complementary means to significantly improve measures and methods protecting the operators of such systems.

In addition to its high security features GeoSecurity offers many more benefits comprising:
•    unique generic location aware solutions
•    compliance to privacy and data protection legislation
•    ease of use and convenience for operator and end-user

The main benefits for the IPAYMO customer are:
•    complementary system not requiring the replacement of current systems
•    no need to hand-over operational responsibility
•    no supplier dependency, no need for long term contractual commitment
•    low operational cost and no CAPEX requirement