Dipteron is a young startup which develops an application for detecting Aedes Mosquito risk areas based on a special algorithm (artificial intelligence) that combines satellite data and ground data. It was the winner of SAP-ESA IT Mobile App in 2015, selected to the ESA Earth Observation Entrepreneurship Initiative program and finalist of the Copernicus Master Competition in 2016 and incubated at ESA BIC Darmstadt in 2017.

The Challenge

Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya are viral diseases transmitted by the same mosquito, the Aedes species. At present more than 2 billion people are at risk of being infected. In recent years the spread of these diseases has become a worldwide issue for public health. The mosquito’s success to survive and its potential to transmit viruses are highly dependent on climatic factors and local practices. The vast spread of the Aedes mosquito has affected vast areas which cannot be monitored with terrestrial methods. Climatic factors derived from satellites data have been proven to be an efficient way of data gathering. The early identification of vulnerable areas is crucial to control the advancement of diseases.

The Solution and non-space benefit

Dipteron application features provides geographical warning information about areas with high, medium, and low risks of the presence of Aedes mosquito; supports GO and NGO sanitary risk surveillance organizations willing to develop mitigation action of Aedes mosquito diseases and companies with staff operating in countries at risk; supports travel organization including hotel and accommodation in low risk areas; provides precaution measures at the beginning, during and after travels, contact information for medical assistance, hospitals, pharmacies, disease symptoms and countermeasures.


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