From space to industry

The location-based ’Farol City Guides’ solution developed by LatitudeN is very dependent on position estimates which places the pedestrian users on a navigation map. The satellite GNSS navigation signal accuracy is key to achieve the desirable results.

LatitudeN is permanently working on techniques to constant improve the positioning accuracy of its products. The Galileo GNSS improved capabilities and accuracy will in the future be integrated in our solutions.

In addition to the outdoor location-based solutions, LatitudeN is currently developing an international R&D project aiming at implementing a seamless transition between outdoor and indoor environments.

ESA Business Incubation

LatitudeN is hosted at ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Darmstadt, Germany, and is in the phase of consolidating the company.

The close collaboration with researchers at ESA’s satellite control centre ESOC for the development of software components in LatitudeN’s system has contributed to achieve the high quality results for the product.

The day-to-day support provided by ESA BIC Darmstadt to LatitudeN as well as the opportunity to exchange experiences with other incubated companies makes from our incubation a very enriching experience.


LatitudeN is hosted at ESA BIC Darmstadt since October 2009.