From space to industry

The g-diag system builds on satellite-based navigation technology. Satellite positioning services such as tracking and tracing of work steps will soon become a namable economic factor.

Currently g-diag is in a prototype phase with several aspects still to be completed and refined. The system initially makes use of the GPS signal for outdoor use and of barcodes and RFID-transponders for indoor use. An integration of the Galileo signal into g-diag will improve its accuracy and will generate new applications and customers.

ESA Business Incubation

Punchbyte is supported by the ESA Business Incubation Initiative with funding, as well as support in the product’s technical and market development.




Incubation period and location

Punchbyte is hosted at the Centre for Satellite Navigation Hessen, partner of the ESA Business Incubation Initiative, in Darmstadt from November 2007 to November 2009.


Patrick Kempf, CEO of PunchByte