HOSTmi is a standardized online platform and mediates globally, efficiently and user-friendly flight options for space payloads onboard of diverse space platforms ranging from suborbital vehicles up to deep space platforms. Clients - space experiment or payload owners - can use search criteria to define payload requirements in detail, as well as generate an in-situ ‘match’ with hosts and flight opportunities. HOSTmi is the first neutral link between payload owners and space mission providers offering real time information.

The Challenge

With “New Space” the conservative agency business is changing rapidly into a commercial business. Many Start-ups are founded globally in the space market with exciting new products and services. Satellites with all sizes – from very small satellites so called CubeSats, up to big scaled satellites – are built frequently by newcomers and established companies. Nevertheless, the current space market is still very costly, offers no transparency and is complex. The key to success will be the disruption of the current space market through the transition from conservative value chains to a modern, customer-oriented value network. Thus, new tools must be introduced into the market to overcome these barriers. One of these tools is platform economy. A lot of payload owners are looking for flight opportunities, but there is still no central marketplace that presents all flight options easily, centrally and transparently out of one hand.

The Solution and non-space benefit

Cross-company digital platforms have already been implemented in different sectors such as real estate, automotive or transportation. This has engendered the central administration of customers and their information along with process-optimized data management, which has simplified processes and has reduced costs.

Because HOSTmi will take on the role such a technical economic center providing a safe environment for central administration of space market supply and customer information, no limits are set for potential future application. Once establishing an adequate network and having digitized the supply map, any other service is just a few clicks away.

New Products and services offered by Space Mission Providers are visible instantly, Hosted Payload opportunities are managed in real-time leading towards more sustainable decisions, not yet feasible NewSpace-insurance-options and financing methods will be introduced and a neutral and independent bridge between non-space companies and space companies will be built lowering the entry barrier to realize a space mission.


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