IPAYMO is a suite of disruptive products and services built on a proprietary geo-localisation platform providing enterprise solutions focused on securing and protecting personal and corporate assets. The in-house developed technologies use different localisation and timing data provided by in-space and terrestrial sources enabling the improvement of authentication processes and procedures.

The IPAYMO chain is composed of a standard mobile device such as a GNNS enabled mobile phone or tablet containing an embedded IPAYMO application that communicates with our central process-ing facility. The latter firstly asserts the authenticity of the user the associated location and the transaction requested and secondly provides this information to any interested 3rd party customer.

During the last 40 months an important portfolio of intellectual property rights was built which is partly kept as trade secrets. For other parts of our IPR legal protection was sought and several pat-ents are currently pending while others have already been granted.

Furthermore IPAYMO is uniquely positioned in the intersection of different disciplines making it even more difficult to replicate its business model. In addition to space technologies IPAYMO uses its skills, knowledge and experience in security and financial systems as well as in business processes to create a significant competitive advantage.

IPAYMO is managed through the Luxembourg company IMVIO SàRL headquartered in Luxembourg-City and the German ANTEMO GmbH from Darmstadt.