Karuna Technology

Karuna Technology


This project aims to create a fully automated solution for distributing donations conditioned to participation in education programs for pre-selected scholarship holders based on recommendations from partner NGOs. It includes the interface necessary for money transfers, the possibility to schedule international transactions and transferring the donation sums to beneficiaries. Conditions that must be met revolve around attending classes of partner NGOs, this can be safeguarded through GPS.

The Challenge

Most humanitarian aid efforts rely on manual bureaucratic processes and physical presence around the globe. A traditional use case is transporting massive amounts of products, mainly food from regions of North America and Europe to impoverished regions. While this provides a necessary and effective effort in humanitarian crises, such as famine and environmental catastrophes, its effect diminishes in regions which do not suffer from scarcity but only from impoverishment. There the problem is the lack of money to meet local offering of products and to commit to education programs. 

 In those cases, offering free in-kind donations is not only costly (the players involved in those international operations often need up to 50% of the original donation value to cover operational overhead) but also manage to diminish local business initiatives, which cannot compete with free products. 

The Solution and non-space benefit

Karuna stands for increasing financial inclusion in Africa by making use of local dynamics to create a scalable way of distributing donations through mobile banking and later on blockchain technology with no waiting time for recipients and incredible donation efficiency for donors. This means more impact with less money and greater convenience for recipients through direct cash transfers. 

We aim at four main benefits. The donation will arrive faster, more efficient (up to 95 %) and with the possibility of real time tracking, as well as massively improved fraud protection through position tracking of suspicious recipients. This is a clear benefits for the main customers, our donors. Furthermore, we can help NGOs which use our donation system to disburse financial aid and automatically document and control of their donation processes. This leads to an ideally scalabl  and lean donation systems, which can be used by NGOs, companies and ultimately everyone with the intention to donate.


Karuna Technology

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