Kaiku (means Echo in Finnisch language) is an app that allows users to leave location based memories in the form of short videos (10s). These videos create a memory stream of a location, so that a busy location for example like the university campus might have hundreds of memories over the year left by people.

Locations have feed of memories starting from the most recent ones. A user can watch memories and respond to them by responding with a video to the person who left the memory.

About us

The founders and core tean members of Kaiku are in the persons of Elmi Faisal Ali and Masaud Alhassan. They are both students studying Computer Science at the Technical University of Darmstadt. The team is led by Elmi Faisal Ali.

Elmi Faisal Ali pioneered Crewspace and Tweak, both of which are web applications that received some traction from users.

Masaud Alhassan developed Voicefront, an innovative application for lecture halls and conferences that replaces the inconvenient microphone with a phone.


64293 Darmstadt
Tel.: 017680797


Website: http://kaikuapp.io