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The fitness and health goals we all want to achieve are similar: lose weight, become fitter, reduce stress and improve sleep quality. However, there are different ways leading towards your goal. Our smartphone application guides you on the path that works best for you. How do we achieve that?

Based upon our advanced analytics, we provide you with feedback which is tailored to your unique needs. Our long term goal is to become your companion for a fitter, healthier and happier life.

The Challenge

One user interview we conducted summed up the challenge perfectly: An automotive manager used a wearable to monitor his sleep cycle intensively. After a while, he became frustrated: The app he used with the device only told him that he was not getting enough restful sleep instead of showing him how to improve his situation. He ultimately stopped using his monitoring device because he was not offered any guidance.  A majority of users fails to achieve their health and fitness goals although they invest a huge amount of time and money. The main reason is not their missing commitment but not knowing what works best for them. There is no quick fix that works for everybody. Every person is different. This is why we provide them with the unique feedback they are currently missing.

The Solution and non-space benefit

Our solution is to provide customized feedback to our users in a smartphone application. This feedback is based upon the users’ individual data which they collect through their smartphone and wearable devices. Currently, users can only access plain visualization and their data is spread separately in multiple apps. Our app goes beyond that. We offer a unified solution that combines space-proven data analytics with psychological research to detect patterns and interconnections in the users’ behavior. As a long term companion, we focus on sustainable and continuous advice. All of this translates into actionable insights: With positive feedback, users will finally achieve their goals.


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