Solorrow develops a smart farming mobile app based on long-term satellite data. The German start-up from Darmstadt analyses satellite images of agricultural fields to create variable-rate application maps which show zones of differing growth potential. Using those maps for applying fertilizer, pesticides and seeds, farmers can save input material and costs while at the same time optimize yield potential. This supports a more sustainable agriculture – both for the farmer as well as for the environment.

The Challenge

Farmers today face the challenge that they need to use fertilizer in an efficient and precise way to optimize input costs and promote a sustainable field treatment. They fear that a too low dose rate could endanger their field’s yield and soil condition, but a too high dose rate can cause unnecessary high production costs and have negative effects on the environment around the fields.

Solorrow wants to support farmers in Germany and many other European countries to optimize fertilizer dose rates to increase their farm profitability and minimize negative effects on the natural environment.

The Solution and non-space benefit

With the Solorrow app, farmers have an easy-to-use mobile tool to analyse their agricultural fields and produce variable-rate prescription maps for precise fertilization. With just a few clicks, Solorrow creates field potential maps, which visualize how the growth potential is distributed across the field.

Basis for the field potential maps are multiple satellite images, which are analysed by Solorrow in regards to the vital biomass which grew on the field in previous years.

Farmers can assign each field potential zone a variable fertilizer dose rate, so the plants in every zone are provided with the optimal amount of fertilizer and nutrients. This way, the farmer can increase the overall yield potential of his fields while at the same time controlling and optimizing input costs, which means an overall maximization of profit.

Besides economic benefits, also soil and environment benefit from a more sustainable and controlled usage of fertilizer.


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