SpotloQ is a location-based social networking  application for the young generation designed to run on mobile devices. The  start-up company is based in Darmstadt, Germany. and is founded by 19-year old Lukas Kmoth.  Spotloq connects people on another level and not just on a virtual platform. The interactive set up allows a perfect compromise  between the user's privacy  and the advantage of continously up to date location information. Influencers  can show their fans and followers where they are at any time ( "I'm in Cologne; Im in Spain") and followers have the opportunity to connect with each other at their own choice and to interact and meet in the real life.

Products and Services or Concept/ Project

SpotloQ's geosocial networking services not only shows users where their friends are located via a post on their Phone but also gives them the opportunity to share their position selectively with their friends. The advantage for the users consists of having the possibility to meet their friends without the necessity of making telephone calls or appointments. Your privacy is secured all the time and you can decide what you are going to share and with whom. Furthermore, this app provides a huge potential for big influencers to encourage their relationship with their followers and fans to show them where they are in the world or which place they are going to visit next. Spotloq can help solve a plethora of problems smartphone users experience daily, such as: You want to enjoy your spare time but you have no clue where your friends are going to meet. Now you would like to know where they are, but you cannot contact them via mobile phone. The solution: Spotloq! 

ESA Business Incubation

SpotloQ UG is hosted at ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Darmstadt, run by the German company cesah. This has provided the opportunity to consult ESA experts who have supported with technology insights and ideas to improve the system.

In addition, especially the support provided by cesah in relation to general business activities has been very helpful.


Lukas Kmoth

SpotloQ UG

Robert-Bosch-Straße 7

64293 Darmstadt