agriBORA is a highly localized and context specific Farm Decision Support System (DSS) which provides farm level intelligence based on a vast network of in-situ and remotely sensed geodata. Through the agriBORA system, Financial Service Providers monitor and asses different crop growth indices which inform their credit risk assessments for agricultural lending while smallholder farmers are provided with localised and actionable agronomic advisories to boost their farm productivity.

The Challenge

Less than 5% of smallholder farmers in Africa receive agricultural loans from Financial Service Providers who consider agricultural lending too risky and costly. On the other hand, amidst the effects of climate change on rain-fed agriculture in Africa, smallholder farmers still rely greatly on a combination of guesswork and knowledge passed down from generations to make on-farm decisions thereby limiting their productivity.

The Solution and non-space benefit

By integrating geodata based farm intelligence into credit tools, agriBORA enables Financial Service providers to better perform credit worthiness assessments of their agricultural clients and are better placed to manage seasonal risks by monitoring crop development and getting early warnings. The timely, location-specific and actionable agronomic advisories agriBORA provides to smallholder farmers not only improves their decision making on the farm but also their capacity to repay loans owing to better productivity and yields from their farms.


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