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Neue ESA BIC Hessen incubatees

Neue ESA BIC Hessen incubatees

Wir freuen uns sehr, die neusten ESA BIC Hessen Start-ups vorstellen zu dürfen:

Sechs neue Start-ups bereichern die ESA BIC Hessen community, wir freuen uns schon sehr darauf, die Gründungsteams bei ihren nächsten Schritten zu unterstützen! Tatsächlich befindet sich auch schon die nächste Generation in den Startlöchern, Ende Juni findet unser nächstes TEB statt, bei dem weitere Antragssteller vor unserer Experten-Jury ihre Ideen pitchen und sich um die Aufnahme ins ESA BIC Programm bewerben werden - wir drücken allen Bewerber:innen die Daumen! 

Weitere Informationen zum ESA BIC Programm hier


With the aim of democratizing access to space for education, training, and practical applications, AllSpace is developing fully functional open-source rover systems that can be modi­fied, extended, and operated.

Initially focused on the academic and NewSpace sectors, it is the start-up’s mission to inspire and motivate generations of all ages to gain confidence and ex­pertise in operating real space technology, creating a large think tank that brings innovative new ideas to the space industry.




Husenbeth Services UG develops a product, Breaby. Breaby combines air data inside buildings and outer data to give nudges towards healthy indoor spaces and increased energy efficiency. As a body tracker is tracking body data, for improved fitness, Breaby does this for our indoor spaces to improve the air we breathe.

The key advantage of Open Data from space lies in the wide scope of available air quality measures from earth observation and the long forecasting intervals which cannot be provided by other sources. Combined with behavioural science to implement nudges, Breaby is a unique solution.

To enter the market, the focus is on the B2B-case for healthy workplaces. The first version consists of an IoT-Device (internet of things) and a smartphone app. The composed data allows Breaby not only to give behavioural insights but also recommendations for other technical solutions - which brings many business opportunities.

Later in the future, Breaby could become a platform for healthy indoor air management, being integrated with smart building infrastructure (via Matter standard). The target market shall be expanded to B2C in the future.




InnoShiftIng GmbH is developing shifting systems for electric multispeed drives and disconnect units. Multispeed drives and disconnect units can decrease the energy demand of electric vehicles significantly due to higher overall efficiency. For further improvement of efficiency and a reduction of costs, dog clutches can be used instead of friction clutches.

A downside of multispeed drives with dog clutches and disconnect units is the responsiveness and torque lack during gear changes. A Predictive, Satellite navigation-based Transmission Control (PreSat-TC), which is to be developed by InnoShiftIng GmbH in the proposed project, utilizes the current vehicle position and planned route to define the best possible moment to change the gear. With this strategy, noticeable gear changes can be reduced or eliminated.

This brings the driving comfort of the new, more sustainable and energy-saving drivetrains to the same level as existing solutions. The market for this technology is global ground-bound mobility with a strong focus on personal and commercial road vehicles. InnoShiftIng’s customers are vehicle manufacturers and suppliers.




Pflanzentheke GmbH is a company involved in the construction of hydroponic systems for crops such as vegetables and fruit. Our vision is the permanent and secure supply of locally produced food. For the protection of the environment. For all people.

We offer our customers in agricultural vegetable growing, farm shops, company canteens and educational institutions complete systems with which they can grow their own vegetables locally, in a water-saving, fertiliser-efficient and climate-friendly way. For this purpose, we provide the appropriate vertical racks, our own fertiliser and automatic measurement and control technology (MCT).

This measurement and control technology measures the current nutrient content and the pH value and corrects these two parameters independently. In addition, environmental parameters are recorded and stored by the fertiliser computer.

The aim of this application (Space Connection) is to further develop the MCT. The fertiliser concentration is to be automatically adjusted to the transpiration of the plant by using weather forecast and other data. This technique of environment-specific fertilisation is not used in conventional fertilisation computers and offers possibilities for optimising yields and producing healthier food.



PreserviTec develops a state-of-the-art software and hardware prototype for building inspections. This integrated solution is designed to transform the way inspections are conducted, both in the construction sector, particularly for federal road bridges, and in the cultural heritage sectors. Autonomous drone systems, AI-based image analysis, and material recognition are the cornerstones of PreserviTec’s approach, enabling faster, more accurate, costeffective, and sustainable inspection services to meet the evolving needs of these markets.

The strategic use of space-connected technologies not only gives PreserviTec a competitive edge but also brings significant benefits, including improved safety, streamlined inspection processes, and a tangible reduction in environmental impact. This integration highlights the potential for innovation and collaboration between space technology and building inspection.




PRIOjet Logistics is an innovative IT startup in the field of emergency logistics, offering a unique B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that streamlines urgent deliveries worldwide. This innovative, neutral platform is designed as user-friendly solution for logistic agencies, onboard couriers (OBC) and companies with urgent transport needs worldwide.

Their mission? To transform time-critical international and hand carry guided shipments with On-Board Couriers into a faster, safer, CO2 neutral, and cost-efficient process. This is achieved through a digital handling platform that guarantees neutrality and data protection according to German standards.

The usage of GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) data in combination with weather data and satellite-based aircraft movements increases the efficiency and effectiveness of urgent goods transportation, making PRIOjet a unique solution in the emergency logistics market.